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A Web Based, Land Management Software Solution for Oil and Gas Companies

Pandell Geo centralizes the management of all your leases and contracts while providing the most straight-forward user interface in the industry. Accurate and flexible reporting gives management the answers they need.

Pandell Geo Features

Pandell Geo Designed For

  • Start Up O&G Companies
  • Junior O&G Companies
  • Intermediate O&G Companies
  • Majors (Ready for Customisations)
  • Independent Contractors
  • and More!

Customer Testimonial

President of LandWorks Resource Management Inc. says “Everything is remote and I can access it anytime.”

Industry Standard Reports

Industry Standard Reports

Well abstracts, land schedules, rental calendars, partner invoicing, acreage, and more standard reports are all available in Pandell Geo.


Why Pandell Geo is Better

Pandell Geo excels over the competition with its hassle-free setup, free automatic upgrades, nightly data backups, custom data exports, intuitive reporting, and it's web based so you can work on live data from anywhere.

Best features, the best interface, and the best support in the industry.

Fast, Secure Data Access

Pandell Geo manages all your company's leases and contracts and gives you multiple ways of retrieving them. Searching by land, well, or lessor is easy. How much undeveloped land do you have? What is your rental budget for next year?

Pandell Geo has your answers.

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